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SoundRepro Audio Conversion


SoundRepro began life in 2012 by undertaking digitisation and audio restoration work for two specialist music archives. This experience in processing rare - and often unique - archive material means that we know how to treat your personal "sound archive" with care and respect, whether it's on LP, audio cassette or reel-to-reel tape.

Because we have backgrounds in different areas of professional music, our audio processing is done with musicians' ears. We use high-end equipment and industry standard software to remove pops, crackles, hiss and other audio nuisances, but we will not over-engineer the sound, so that the end result remains both realistic and listenable.
Vinyl records


  • Vinyl: 7-inch & 12-inch discs, 33⅓ rpm or 45 rpm
  • Audio cassettes: traditional 2-track tapes only
  • Reel-to-reel:  mono, stereo or quarter-track ¼-inch tapes


All vinyl media is cleaned with a Moth MkII Pro wet-dry vacuum machine before being digitized. We will attempt to repair any damaged cassettes or reel-to-reel tapes but we can offer no guarantees that this will be successful!

Once digitized, the raw audio files are "cleaned up" using industry standard software (usually iZotope RS6 Advanced) before being transferred onto CD. Finished CDs are then checked for errors in a Tascam CD-RW900MkII CD player. For reel-to-reel tapes we use a Revox B77 quarter-track machine, cassettes are played back on a Nakamichi CR7, and vinyl discs are transcribed using a Planar 3 deck with an Elys 2 MM cartridge.
Audio cassettes


You have a choice between a CD in audio format (which will play in a CD player, like any other CD) or a CD in data format (which will contain WAV files and will be playable on a computer but not in a CD player). We can also output files in MP3 format but you should bear in mind that MP3 files are lower quality because they are compressed.

When all the work is done and payment has been made, we will return your original material together with the CD(s) we have made from it.


Audio transfer is both an art and a science. Although we always try to remove as many audio "nuisances" as possible, the more heavily-processed a sound track is, the greater the danger of it sounding lifeless - or, worse still, of the audio restoration software introducing new and unwanted artefacts. A balance must be struck between removing audio blemishes and producing a result that sounds realistic.

If we find that a record or tape is so badly damaged as to be beyond salvation, we will tell you so at once.


Reel-to-reel tapes can vary enormously in running length, depending upon how much tape is on a reel and the speed at which the recording was made. Therefore, we charge a quarter-hourly rate for digitizing such tapes. Please note that this means we will be unable to give you a final quote until we actually have the tapes and can ascertain their running length.
Reel to reel audio tape


We will charge you the cost of returning your original items by courier. (For small, medium and large packages, couriers are usually cheaper than Royal Mail.)

Even vinyl LPs will survive a journey through the postal system if they are well packaged. Rigidity and protection are the most important things to consider when sending fragile items through the post.


You can pay by PayPal, credit/debit card or BACS transfer. All prices quoted include VAT. If you are VAT registered, please let us know that at the point of first contact, so that we can provide you with a proper VAT invoice.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements before sending any material.
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